Club Penguin Secrets

May 12, 2007

G`s secret Mission

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  1. The secret word is “mogul”
  2. Run the test run- YOU WILL CRASH!
  3. Grab the Survival Guide.
  4. Grab the rope.
  5. Find a tree with a metal pot sticking out.
  6. Click the tree until the pot comes out, and grab it.
  7. Find the ski.
  8. Get berries (3) from the bush and feed the black puffle.
  9. Click the puffle-he will follow you.
  10. Find the river and fill your pan.
  11. Put the rope on the ski, and attach a berry to that.
  12. Click your newly-made fishing pole and cast it into the river.
  13. Collect the fish.
  14.  Go to the cave beside the river.
  15. Click the rocks to form a firepit.
  16. Get logs and put them in the firepit.
  17. Throw your Survival Guide into the firepit.
  18. Feed the puffle on top of the firepit.
  19. Place the fish and pot over the firepit.
  20. You will fall asleep and an agent will find you outside of the cave.
  21. Collect your medal! (If you caught the fish, you will also receive a letter from G!)

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