Club Penguin Secrets

May 12, 2007

The Case Of the missing Coins

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  1. Talk to the rookie agent until he locks the door.
  2. Go to the door labeled “Staff Only Office”
  3. Look under the orange couch and grab the Boot Disk and Paper Clip.
  4. Insert the boot disk in the computer and power it on.
  5. Go to the tree My Files>Combination_Number.
  6. Copy down the number (N=Top, E=Right, S=Down, W=Left).
  7. Go back to the vault and open it up.
  8. Answer the call and go to the HQ.
  9. Talk to G and watch the surveillance video.
  10. Talk to him again, and grab the yellow-brown key in the drawer.
  11. Go up to the roof and use your screwdriver on the bolts.
  12. Use the paperclip on the inside of the box.
  13. Go to the vault.
  14. Talk to G in the HQ.
  15. Go to the Town and talk to the penguin.
  16. Go to the boiler room and click on the fusebox.
  17. Click on the dots randomly and try to get them to disappear.
  18. Grab the white fur in the vent on the roof.
  19. Collect your medal and Thank You Card!

Good luck, agents!


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