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July 19, 2007

Can`t type numbers On CP!!

Filed under: New Stuff, Secrets On Cp — darkever64 @ 4:22 PM

(don`t copy this post) If u try to type numbers on cp it won`t work!! one of my friends told me called angulf.



  1. […] Can`t type numbers On CP!! […]

    Pingback by Club Penguin stuff — July 20, 2007 @ 5:57 AM

  2. this happened to me i cant type numbers i thought it was my computer but it wasnt i guess thanx for the tip

    Comment by kayla — July 20, 2007 @ 5:07 PM

  3. hi im your biggest fan:D

    Comment by bush baby — August 7, 2007 @ 2:39 PM

  4. I think it’s NOT fair, because some penguins on club penguin are members and i think it should be free….my other comment was we used too be able to type numbers in i just find it harder too spell the letters and all of my friends say too not free membership…….”its really not fair because i really wish i was a member but my parents dont want to pay it out and my parents say it should be free aswell”

    From Nicol penguins name (Slidie Sally)

    Comment by nicol — August 23, 2007 @ 4:40 AM

  5. i cant type #’s ok

    Comment by Rumbldude88 — March 9, 2008 @ 0:00 AM

  6. Some of my friends are typing numbers. I don’t get it!

    Comment by Malico — March 15, 2008 @ 6:57 PM

  7. i love cp and why cant type numbers is TOP SECRET

    Penguin name(Chaserrrr)

    Comment by Chaserrr — March 18, 2008 @ 2:37 PM

  8. i know that sucks how other can use it and we cant. gosh.!!! theres this cheat though.i d k what it is but there is a cheat where tou can by things that only mmebers could by. search it on google. 🙂

    Comment by tfunny — March 19, 2008 @ 3:46 PM

  9. I know how to type numbers on Club Penguin although I am not going to tell the public because they then can say bad words and not get punished. Even though it would be easier to type numbers instead of letters, I can not risk it.
    Darkever64:I already know how,It`s with Wpe Pro thats all i could say to prove and not let other people know how(Hopefully).

    Comment by Aunt Arctic — April 30, 2008 @ 3:38 PM

  10. how do u type #s ?????!?!?!?! i saw someone do iy yesterday but idk how !!1

    Comment by fauscdkf — August 13, 2008 @ 3:23 PM

  11. iiii nooooo!!!!!!!!!! its HOOORRRRIIIIBBBLLLEEE

    Comment by Gracie49016(tomboy) — January 24, 2009 @ 6:31 PM

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