Club Penguin Secrets

January 19, 2008

Clubpenguin news + mohd party!

Hola everyone well today there are alot of cp news! But lets start with my biggest party!

hola everyone =) Well today is a big news day! The fiesta party started and here are the places!

Dock – fiesta-party-dock.jpg Beach – fiesta-party-beach.jpg Town – fiesta-party-town.jpg

Plaza – fiesta-party-plaza.jpg Pizza parlor – fiesta-party-pizza.jpg cfshop fiesta-party-coffeeshop.jpg

Cove – fiesta-party-cove.jpg Ski village – fiesta-party-ski-village.jpg

Now to the free item, there are new maracas that look awesome! At the nightclub ;)


And the new pin is located at the forest, just click on the piniata and then it will break and here comes the new pin xD


Here are the furniture catalog items ;)

fiesta-party-catalog.jpg fiesta-party-catalog-2.jpg

Thats all bye =)


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  1. darkever why dont you post anymore ❓ ❓ lol

    Comment by antsrule02 — January 21, 2008 @ 1:22 PM

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