Club Penguin Secrets

July 24, 2008


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This time I wont just post about the events,Since This time that page isn`t that big.

I dont know why,But I think the hat the “Penguin Band” have,might have to do with the party 😉 :

Also this pic,the “Guitar” Looks cool,its a Different Shaped Guitar,but Im not sure if it is gonna be an item or not.Heres the pic with the Guitar on the Penguin :

And then the “Level Upgrade” WILL Be “Aqua Grabber”,it says here that the Penguins are Going Farther then ever! :

It says it “will be completed before the end of the month”,so in about a week it Will have a new Level!!

<———-This Page Shows what Kind of Music is going to be Playing during the Party,and The Penguin Band is Gonna Play at the Iceberg!

Ok well Here are the Events,but this time it doesn`t show when the next pin is gonna be hidden,and When the Party is gonna Start!Thats the First ,I think.Ok heres the Pic :



  1. I hope you’re happy for banning the icedude penguin. I commented 400 times there and now all my comments appear as a spam. Thanks a lot.

    Comment by gardenax — July 24, 2008 @ 4:33 PM

  2. and if you dare comment on my site you’re in big trouble!

    Comment by gardenax — July 24, 2008 @ 4:13 PM

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