Club Penguin Secrets

December 29, 2008

Mission 10 Tutorial

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Sorry I haven`t posted, I just dont really have time for Updating a site about a Game…….

Well heres the Written Part :

1. Finish the Talk with G.

2. Take the Solar Panel thats in the HQ.

3. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

4. Place the Solar Panel on on top of the Wires, and Connect the wires like this : pic

5. Finish Talking with Rookie. (Skip to Step  9. if you dont wanna get the Bonus Medal.)

6. Talk to the Manager, help him with the ‘mess’.

7. Pick up all the Stuff(3 Items : Table, Box filled with Balls? , and the Clothes.

8. Go outside and set up the table, put the clothes on top, and the box of balls next to it,the guy will then wave.

9. Go to the Beach and talk to the “Jet Pack Guy”.

10. Go to the Lighthouse and get some Cream soda, and go back to the guy.

11. Follow the Steps in the ‘Help Bottle’.

12. Finish talking and go to the Dock and talk to the guy and ask him for the Rope.

13. Go to the Night Club and put the rope onto the Machine.

14. Take out your Wrench from your Spy Phone and use it to take off the bolts of the Machine, then look into the Machine and fix the Gears like this : gears

15. Go to the HQ, then the Dock.

16. Look around for him.(It won`t really be him)

17. Go to the Night Club and Click the Lever to the Machine.

18. When the “Jetpack Guy” asks What to do next,Click on Rookie.

19. Move the Lights to the Solar Panel (Yes, the left too, alittle)

20. Just Continue with it, and it`ll be the End, Get your Medals and your Done!




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