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June 6, 2013

Anyone still here?

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If so leave a comment! I might re-open this website!


April 22, 2010

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Crocs Penguin

Jibbitz brand shoe charms by Crocs shoes.

May 24, 2009

blue dargon costume

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pabsclick on the shadow for the blue dragon costume

viking helmet

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pabsclick on the helmet for the viking helmet

May 23, 2009

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Pabsclick on the guitar for the disco ball

wheel barrow

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wheel barrowclick where it says click here and the wheel barrow will pop up

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Rockrock hopper has brougt new stuf where in his boat

May 8, 2009

Medieval Party

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Today, the Medieval Party has started, along with a free item,new pin,a new stage, and the secret room called “Tree Forts”.

The free item is located at the Lighthouse : Pin (at the same place when the first Medieval Party was around.)

The new pin is at the Bioler Room : PinMaker

This is a picture of the new Stage called “The Haunting of the Viking Opera” : Stage

Finally, here’s a picture of “Tree Forts” : TreeForts

Waddle on

December 29, 2008

Mission 10 Tutorial

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Sorry I haven`t posted, I just dont really have time for Updating a site about a Game…….

Well heres the Written Part :

1. Finish the Talk with G.

2. Take the Solar Panel thats in the HQ.

3. Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie.

4. Place the Solar Panel on on top of the Wires, and Connect the wires like this : pic

5. Finish Talking with Rookie. (Skip to Step  9. if you dont wanna get the Bonus Medal.)

6. Talk to the Manager, help him with the ‘mess’.

7. Pick up all the Stuff(3 Items : Table, Box filled with Balls? , and the Clothes.

8. Go outside and set up the table, put the clothes on top, and the box of balls next to it,the guy will then wave.

9. Go to the Beach and talk to the “Jet Pack Guy”.

10. Go to the Lighthouse and get some Cream soda, and go back to the guy.

11. Follow the Steps in the ‘Help Bottle’.

12. Finish talking and go to the Dock and talk to the guy and ask him for the Rope.

13. Go to the Night Club and put the rope onto the Machine.

14. Take out your Wrench from your Spy Phone and use it to take off the bolts of the Machine, then look into the Machine and fix the Gears like this : gears

15. Go to the HQ, then the Dock.

16. Look around for him.(It won`t really be him)

17. Go to the Night Club and Click the Lever to the Machine.

18. When the “Jetpack Guy” asks What to do next,Click on Rookie.

19. Move the Lights to the Solar Panel (Yes, the left too, alittle)

20. Just Continue with it, and it`ll be the End, Get your Medals and your Done!


November 9, 2008

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Update!

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“Starting on November 25, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force will be available at stores across North America. We’ve heard from many of you that you’re excited about playing the game for yourself–so are we!”, as said in the post on the CP Blog. Heres a pic of the cover of the Game : cpds.jpg

Club Penguin also made a video(to me, kinda like a trailer) and there was a ‘game’ in the video that caught my eye :game

Its just like the Machine in Penguin Chat :chat

I recorded the video itself just to make it availible on my site :p

***Uploading Video***

November 8, 2008

New Catalog Secrets!!

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Next time I WILL Make my OWN Post on this, Im just getting busy with all my homework…

Credit to simmer27 at


Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet!


Click anywhere inside the highlighed for the Black Superhero Mask!


Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Russian Hat!


Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Pink-Pom-Pom-Toque!


Click on the ‘N’ on Clearance to get the Mixed Bracelets.


Click on the ‘N’ on Shoe Collection to get the Black Scuba mask.


Darkever64 : Heres an Animation I made showing the New ‘Dance’ with the Shovel : shoveldance

New Pin 11-7-08

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The new pin is a Shovel and its at the Forest :shuv

November 7, 2008

Dojo Construction(Late :( )

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Well, now it seems that something hit the dojo(Maybe on Purpose) and for some reason we`re building a path that leads somewhere else outside…..

Ok, so they Brought back the Miners Helmet at the Dojo for Construction :


Also, You can go up where the Construction really takes place, and theres a Penguin There(Like a Ninja Leader). Heres A Picture of him, and an Animation of what he`s doing :


And, Sadly, they Changed the Look of the map : dojo

(Sorry for posting Late…..)

November 2, 2008

Trading Card Deck Update!

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Billybob anounced that the Cards will be sold at North American Toys”R”Us stores, Club Penguin Online Store, and Disney Stores and Theme Park locations across North America, and will be released on Thursday, November 13.

Heres some pictures of the Decks will look like :

Go to this link to the page of the Cards .

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